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Pap Smear

Routine pap smears have proven to be very effective in preventing cervical cancer. Our physicians perform pap smears using liquid-based cytology (Thin Prep Paps). The discovery of the connection between the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and abnormal pap smears has changed the way abnormal pap smears are treated. Thin Prep Paps enable us to identify any abnormal cells and HPV. To get a closer, more detailed look at the cervix, we use a high-tech computerized microscope, known as a colposcope. For treatment, we perform cryosurgery and the Loop Electrode Excision Procedure (LEEP's).

Adolescent Gynecology

Our physicians provide comfortable, educational visits for teens, starting at 13 to 15 years of age, or when menstruation begins. We like to see teens before they become sexually active. We also provide HPV vaccinations (Gardasil®) to prevent cervical cancer. The first gynecology visit often does not include a pelvic exam. At this visit, we discuss accurate health information and guidelines about female anatomy and physiology. We hope to establish an open, patient-provider relationship, and give every young teen the resources they need to maintain overall health.


Contraception has always been an important service in our practice. The many options available for women these days can be confusing. Our physicians can explain the birth control methods available, and determine the most suitable option for you. We offer oral and patch contraceptives, vaginal rings, intrauterine devices, and barrier methods, such as the diaphragm or sponge. We also explain the proper way to use condoms and can discuss natural family planning. For patients wanting permanent sterilization, we offer tubal ligations, which are performed laparoscopically.

Endometrial Ablation

Endometrial ablation is an outpatient procedure that removes the uterine lining with an electrosurgical tool. This quick, simple procedure requires no incisions and is intended to reduce or eliminate future menstrual bleeding.

Fertility Counseling

We provide fertility counseling for women who have not conceived after 12 months of unprotected sex, or even after 6 months, for women over 35.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a less invasive alternative to major surgery. Recovery time is often faster. During the procedure, very small incisions are made in the abdomen. Plastic sheaths are placed in the incisions, which act as "ports" through which special laparoscopic instruments can be passed. Surgery can be performed with minimal pain and less scarring. Examples of surgeries we perform include tubal ligation, the removal of ovarian cysts, ovaries and ectopic pregnancies, as well as excision and cauterization of endometriosis.

Menopause Care

Although women typically begin to experience menopause at age 51, many menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, mood changes, depression, insomnia, vaginal dryness, and irregular cycles, can begin many years earlier. Our physicians provide expert, compassionate care for women experiencing menopause and perimenopausal symptoms.

During this transition, a great emphasis is placed on lifestyle and preventive health. Women face many stressors in life, including child rearing, caring for parents and grandchildren, changes in metabolism that lead to weight gain, as well job and spousal transitions.

The entire gynecology team at the Center for Women's Health at Evergreen is here to help you. We can help you find a good balance of lifestyle changes and support measures to help you through menopause. We are especially interested in helping you maintain your overall health. Now is a good time to review your personal and family medical history for risk factors of certain conditions, so we can decide which tests and/or treatments will be beneficial for you. Most importantly, we want you to think of these years as the best years of your life – because they are!

Obstetrics and Prenatal Care

Currently, we have seven physicians (Drs. Michele Delorit, Karen Wells, Guoli Johnston, Sheemain Asaria, Bonnie Gong, Amanda Dise and Amy Tu) providing prenatal and obstetrical care. We offer personalized and state-of-the-art prenatal care. The outstanding hospital staff, facilities and perinatal department at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center are a great asset to our team. This is a great place to have a baby!

The enthusiasm, teamwork and dedication for mother-child care at this hospital pervades the whole experience. The hospital rooms are designed for single room care. So you will deliver and care for your newborn in the same room. Each room is equipped with a jetted tub, day bed for your support person, DVD player, refrigerator, and much more. Although most newborns room in with their parents after they are born, those needing closer supervision receive care in the Special Care Nursery, which is also family-centered. The nursery has mostly private room care, which allows parents to room in with their newborns (there are a few exceptionally busy times when newborns have to share a room).

Evergreen Hospital Medical Center has in-house anesthesiologists, neonatologists (newborn specialists) and evening and weekend in-house obstetricians. Many educational classes are offered, including labor classes, mother-baby groups, exercise groups and various support groups.

Ultrasound, non-stress testing and laboratory services are available in our office. If you require high-risk obstetrical care, we co-manage your care with the perinatology group here at Evergreen, which is called Maternal Fetal Medicine. This group provides a dietician for diabetic care, genetic counselors and even a special RN care coordinator for multiples (twins, triplets and up!). The perinatal group also offers the most advanced testing for prenatal screening, called the Combined Screen, as well as the options of chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis.

We hope you are beginning to understand why we feel very fortunate to practice at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center!

Surgical Services

Surgical services at the Center include both major and minor surgeries.

Minor surgeries include procedures we can perform in the office or in an outpatient surgery setting, such a "D & C" (dilation and curettage), uterine polyp removal, or a simple surgery on exterior genital tissue.

Major surgeries include laparoscopic procedures, vaginal surgeries, and abdominal incision surgeries called "laparotomies."

Laparoscopic surgery is a less invasive alternative to major surgery. Recovery time is often faster. During the procedure, very small incisions are made in the abdomen. Plastic sheaths are placed in the incisions, which act as "ports" through which special laparoscopic instruments can be passed. Surgery can be performed with minimal pain and less scarring. Laparoscopic surgeries we perform include tubal ligation, removal of ovarian cysts, ovaries and ectopic pregnancies and excision and cauterization of endometriosis. During a hysterectomy, a laparoscope may be used to begin the procedure.

Whenever possible, we perform surgery laparoscopically because recovery is usually quicker. Typically an overnight stay in the hospital is not required, and the procedure is considered "minimally invasive."

Depending on the complexity of the procedure, we may invite Dr. Chau-Su Ou to assist with the surgery. Dr. Chau-Su Ou is a well-known gynecological surgeon who specializes in highly technical laparoscopic surgeries.

Vaginal approach surgeries are also considered major surgeries. A vaginal hysterectomy is performed without any incision on the abdomen. Incontinence and prolapse surgeries are also usually performed vaginally, resulting in less recovery time, compared to an abdominal incision.

In some cases, an abdominal incision is necessary. All Cesarean sections, of course, require an abdominal incision (usually a low, horizontal incision). Also, some uterine fibroids, and ovarian tumors are just too big to remove through the vagina or the scope. We use the surgical approach that is the safest, most effective route for the patient.

Ultrasound Services

The Center for Women's Health at Evergreen provides obstetrical and gynecological ultrasound exams. We have highly-skilled registered diagnostic medical sonographers (RDMS) who operate two state of the art ultrasound machines 5 days a week.

Our Center is one of only a few private offices that have earned the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) accreditation. We chose to maintain AIUM accreditation for two reasons. First, it ensures that we maintain national standards and requires each physician and sonographer to obtain 30 hours of ultrasound education every three years. Secondly, it is proof to you, our patients, that you are receiving the highest standard of care. You can see our accreditation certificate posted on the wall in our office.

Ultrasound imaging is one of the safest and most valuable tools we have to diagnose normal and abnormal pregnancies and  to identify the cause of abnormal pain and bleeding in pregnant and non-pregnant women.  Often, ultrasound enables us to rule out many medical concerns. For example, we can see when an ovarian cyst has resolved or confirm that the uterine lining is too thin to be an endometrial cancer.

During an obstetrical ultrasound exam, the sonographer will give you a "tour" of your baby (including a complimentary DVD at your 20 week scan). Physicians do not typically come in for a routine obstetrical scan unless your sonographer feels the need for real-time observation by your provider. You will receive the results of the ultrasound exam from your provider at your prenatal visit, often scheduled immediately following the ultrasound exam.

We also perform an enhanced ultrasound exam procedure called a sonohysterogram. during this procedure, a vaginal ultrasound is performed after a small amount of sterile saline is placed inside the uterine cavity. This solution allows slight distention of the uterine cavity so we can see if a polyp or fibroid is projecting into the cavity and causing abnormal bleeding.

Many patients prefer to have their ultrasound exams performed at the Center For Women's Health at Evergreen. For each patient's comfort we have added an extra video screen in each ultrasound room. You no longer have to turn your head at a sharp angle to see the screen; the image is displayed directly ahead of you. We've received much positive feedback fro our patients regarding our sonographers' explanation of the images during your ultrasound exam, attention to your personal safety and comfort and quick turn around time for results. We continue to strive to deliver a personalized experience for you and provide the best patient care available- because we care.